The notaire’s main areas of work

French notaires give legal force to the deeds they draft and seal in a very wide range of activities:

  • Family matters, like pre-nuptial agreements, wills, gifts, divorce settlements, and Probate, are notaires’ traditional fields of expertise and represent 26 % of their global activity.
  • Real estate is a major part of notaires’ practice, and do not only cover conveyancing, but also negotiation, draft of pre-sale agreements and of deeds of sale.
  • Business matters, a less known expertise of French notaires who have a comprehensive vision of corporate matters, which also covers directors personal queries (like tax advice and estate planning applying to both personal and professional assets).
  • Local authorities: notaires are also implied in advising such bodies, in providing them:
    • Legal and specific advice concerning urban or regional planning, etc.
    • Deeds with the related responsibility.