How to purchase my property in French Polynesia ?

If you are interested in buying a property, you will have to sign a note called « Bon de visite » with our real estate agent or with the real estate agency with whom you have visited the property.
This is not an engagement to purchase but just a proof that we have shown you the property.

The next step will then be the signature of the preliminary contract called « compromis de vente » which is a mutual agreement between you and the seller.
The main terms of the compromis will then be :

– the seller’s and your personal details;
– the description of the property you are buying,

– amount of the fees you will have to pay;
– amount of the deposit (usually 10 or 5 %);
– suspensive conditions :
– of getting your loan to finance the acquisition
– of getting a building permit…
– deadlines to justify the your loan and to sign the final deed.

Once the contract is signed by both parties, the notaire will then request all the needed documents to prepare the final deed.
Once we have all the documents required to sign we will arrange a date and will send you a detailed breakdown of the fee and price to pay ( and ask the bank to release the amount of the loan).
The transfer of money from any foreign account will be made by SWIFT DRAFT.
If a surety is taken from the bank, please note that we will have to prepare a mortgage deed.
Once the deed is signed it will be recorded at the land registry office and some other formalities will have to be carried out. It can consequently take a few months before getting your purchase title.

Fees are paid by the buyers to the French notaire.

Negociation fees are usually paid by the seller.